How to Determine your Herkimer College ID
You can use your Herkimer College ID in place of your Social Security Number when logging into Student Online Services and when contacting Herkimer College by telephone and email.  You will also need your Herkimer College ID to determine both your Generals Online Username and your MyHerkimer Username.  
1.	Login to your Student Online Services (SOS) Account available here:  Initially, you can login using your Social Security Number as your User ID, no dashes, no spaces.  
2.	Once logged into your SOS account, please select the Student Services tab.
3.	From the available menu, please select the Student Services link.  
4.	Select Academic Transcript from the available menu.
5.	Leave the drop-down menu options in their default state.  Click the Submit button.
6.	You Herkimer College ID will be available in the upper right-hand corner just before your name.  It begins with an H.  
If you need any assistance with logging into your Student Online Services Account, please contact our Help Desk at (315) 866-0300, ext. 8555 or email them at  


You may review your printed bill from Herkimer College.  Your College ID Number is listed on your bill.  If you are not yet registered or have not yet received a bill yet, please see above.