Important Dates for Summer 2012

Session Days Session Start/End Dates Web Registration Ends
(at 11:55PM)
Late Registration by Telephone
(with Payment)*
Drop Date (must be done before 3PM on actual Drop Date listed below)**
Mini I (M1) MTWR 5/21 to 6/7 5/11/12 5/14 - 5/21 6/1/12
  and F 6/1      
Mini II (M2) MTWR 6/11 to 6/28 6/1/12 6/4 - 6/11 6/21/12
Mini III (M3) MTWR 7/9 to 7/26 6/29/12 7/2 - 7/9 7/19/12
Internet Academy - VA/V1 Available online all week and weekend 5/21 to 6/28 5/11/12 5/14 - 5/21 6/18/12
Internet Academy - VB/V2 Available online all week and weekend 7/9 to 8/16 6/29/12 7/2 - 7/9 8/3/12
Internet Academy - VS Available online all week and weekend 5/21 to 8/16 5/11/12 5/14 - 5/21 7/13/12

*Late registration by telephone will occur daily when the college is open between 8AM - 3PM.  Payment will be due at the time of registration by telephone.  Late registration fee will apply ($20.) 

**If you would like to drop a course, please use the following procedure:

                In order to drop a course, you will need to contact the Registrar's Office (,)  preferably from your HCCC Student Email Account.  You must include the following information:

                -Your full name

                -Either your HCCC Student ID Number OR the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

                -List the course you would like to drop including the CRN Number (5-digit number, no letters)

                -State that you would like to drop the course

                Please be aware that dropping a course can possibly affect your financial aid (please contact with any questions) and it can affect your graduation date (please contact your Academic Advisor with any questions.)  Please ask any questions you may have before taking any action.  Also, please be aware that the HCCC Financial Aid Department will not be able to answer any questions regarding your Financial Aid unless you are a MATRICULATED student at HCCC.  If you are matriculated elsewhere, please contact your college's Financial Aid Department. 

Summer coursework has a credit hour restriction due to the shortened time frame of these classes.